You are enough – The secrets to an INDESTRUCTIBLE Self Image

We all have our insecurities. Even the most successful people are having doubts about themselves. Now what if I told you that there is a way to deal with these thoughts?
This doesn’t mean you will never have them but you will, just like in my previous post about Approach Anxiety, be able to handle them more effectively and CRUSH them to the ground.

“My insecurities could eat me alive.”
– Eminem

The magic thought

Let me start with the core of this post: YOU ARE ENOUGH

Simple as that, you are enough. Society wants us to believe that there are certain people on this planet who have the perfect life, the perfect body, the perfect whatever it may be. This is not true.
The weird thing is that even though most people know that nobody is perfect, they strive to make themselves perfect. That’s like trying to fly to the moon without a rocket. Impossible.

So what if we could just know that we are enough. That would get rid of some problems, right? Well, it depends on your view.

The pitfall

Imagine: you’re broke, you have no friends, no girlfriend and you look like Quasimodo. How the hell are you supposed to feel you are enough?
Well, my dear reader, luckily for you you have stumbled upon this website to become the best version of yourself. The SOLE FACTthat you are trying to improve yourself already makes you attractive, thus ENOUGH.

If we bring this to the topic of women, a lot of people think girls are attracted to buff male model type guys with a lot of money. Now, considering this, why do some ugly looking dudes have stunning girlfriends? It makes no sense, right?
Just because they have the POTENTIAL to become successful. They know they are enough and they are working on themselves, developing good habits, etc.

So keep in mind that this whole “You are enough” thing is NOT an excuse to stop improving yourself.

The positive mindset

Perfectionism makes us focus on all the bad things about ourselves that “need to be fixed”. Few people actually pay attention to the good aspects of themselves.
Try to actively write them down. Write down what makes you an awesome person. Whenever you have a bad thought, try to crush it by thinking about something positive.

Example: “I may be chubby HOWEVER I am funny as fuck!”

“But Pablo, I don’t have any good aspects about myself.”


Everyone has awesome aspects, it’s just the way you define it. I know someone who goes to a shitload of anime and gaming conventions. He once told me he has no passions or interesting things whatsoever. Due to social conditioning, he believed that his actual passions, anime and gaming, weren’t real passions. Let me tell you something: they are. To take it even further, there ARE girls who are also into that and they will LOVE you for it.

You’re awesome, don’t let other people affect your self-image

I just have to bring this up as well: other people.
Apart from all the self-sabotage we can do to ourselves, there’s always someone else that might give you that little extra push. Cutting those people out of your life seems to be a solution, but that’s not always possible. What if that person is someone you have to work with?
There is a much better passive solution. Don’t let it affect you.

It’s easier said than done of course but knowing your positive traits, as discussed before, will help you with that.
Also know that the people who are trying to bring you down aren’t perfect either.
On top of that, if they are trying to bring you down on purpose, it means that their self-value is SO LOW that they have to bring you down in order to be on top of you, just because they aren’t able to raise their own value naturally.


Happiness and self love come from within. Don’t let others tell you you are not enough. You’re an incredible person and there is nothing you can not achieve. Keep on growing and kick your insecurities in the butt. See you later!

Pablo Brusseel

Pablo is a Cyber Security Professional, in his free time he is very passionate about Personal Growth. He is very experienced in the field of Dating and he is the leader of RSD Belgium. On top of that he is a very respected member in the seduction community.

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