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60 Days of Nofap Benefits – Overcoming Porn Addiction

Are you still thinking about starting with your nofap journey? Or maybe you are new to overcoming porn addicton? Or maybe you just saw something about nofap and want to read more about it. In this article I will tell about my journey, how it changed me and what benefits it noticed on my journey to become porn free.

Either way you came here to read more about nofap and find an answer to the questions:

Is nofap worth it? And what will it be like?

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. – Napoleon Hill

At time of writing I reached 63 days of nofap, I reached this after 2,5 / 3 years of being in the nofap community. I relapsed over 70 times and this was probably my hardest addiction to overcome. Today I will try to explain how I feel at 60 days and which Nofap benefits I feel & how it changed me.

How Nofap changed me?

Overcome Porn Addiction

In the 3 years that I was struggling to overcoming porn addiction I changed a lot, even today I change every day and learn a lot of new things.

There is one thing I can say about overcoming porn addiction, it was the thing that made the ball rolling. It was the thing that made a chain reaction of growth in my life.

What I noticed was that porn was an addiction after it ruined a relationship of mine, it was so bad that I was more in love with porn than my girlfriend. I couldn’t even get my d*ck up because of it. After the relationship I tried to quit as long as I can.

I managed sometimes to get till 14 days but never had a clear solution for getting far. Over the years I got more and more days.

Nofap helped me to do other stuff, to get the ball rolling, it first helped me get into pickup because I was too horny and wanted to have sex. I know that is a very bad goal, but it helped me get to the point where I’m now.

Right now I’m trying to cure my core, doing a lot of meditation, I quit video game addiction, quit girls addiction, quit tv, movies and series addiction, changed my whole diet, solved a lot of my social anxiety, became a totally different person…

I couldn’t do this without overcoming porn addiction. Nofap have me a lot fuel and energy that I could redirect to other improvement points. Without the energy and the clearness of my mind I couldn’t do this. This is why I thank nofap for this.

60 Days of Nofap Benefits

I have the feeling that I still have to experience a lot of nofap benefits although there are some obvious things I feel that have really improved my life:

1) No more Brain Fog:

how to stop masturbating

For the people who don’t know what brain fog is, it is basically the same (kind off) if you drink waaaayy too much and you have a hangover. And why is it called brain fog? Because your sight isn’t that sharp, it is like there is a cloud in front of your eyes.

I can say that this gone 100%, I see everything very sharp and my vision is a lot better. But your vision is not the only thing, your mind also gets a lot sharper, you can remember things better, you can make connections faster and think much better. It is like everything is more organised instead of a mess. Btw if you have relapsed you can also cure this with meditation.

2) Warmer Colors

60 Days of Nofap – Overcoming Porn Addiction

What I don’t know if this is a placebo effect but I have the feeling that when I fapped everything had a grey / dark color. Now everything seems warmer and more positive.

3) Energy!

My energy level is a lot higher, I have a feeling that I can do a lot more and that I’m not as tired as I was when I fapped. This is pretty obvious because you don’t waste life energy on fapping.

4) Confidence

Porn addiction does something to your self-image, because you feel a lot of shame when you do it. It basically gives you a high and then a big fat drop (low). Once you stop fapping you stop feeling this shame which is better for your self-esteem.

This is also what I experience.


Ed stands for Erectile Dysfunction, and like I said in the beginning in my previous relationship I couldn’t get my d*ck up. I can say that I experience full erections again. Also the pain when having an erection is gone.

6) Sexual & Wet dreams

The last time I experience a lot of sexual (without orgasm) & wet dreams. I still remember that I didn’t have a wet dream for years when fapping and watching porn. And now that I have a lot of them I actually quite enjoy them.

I trust in my wet dreams, because it is natural for releasing your sperm. Some people don’t like wet dreams, but you have to start living with it.

What I also have experienced are wet dreams, and in the dream I was fapping to porn. After the dream I would always think that I really watched porn. And I got to be honest, I would cry.

After I woke up a bit more I realized it was a dream and I could go with my life. If you get further on your nofap journey, you will start having more of these dreams, this does not mean that you are addicted. It just means that you are healing and that nofap means a lot to you.

I also have experienced 3 wet dreams in one night, I’m not sure if they were real or imagined but it was pretty strange.

7) More willpower
nofap benefits

Willpower is like a muscle and because of nofap you train the muscle. And although trying to overcome porn addiction on will power is the most stupid thing you could ever do (will explain that in another article) it still helps you train your willpower muscle.

8) Less instant gratification

What I still remember from my porn days was that I would always want things instantly. I didn’t want to put time and effort in accomplishing my goals. This is what porn does to you, you keep rewarding yourself for no reason. And this is what makes you lazy.

Once you start overcoming porn addiction, you see that instant gratification is bullshit. And that you have to work for things.

9) Crazy Horny

Some nofap astronauts see this as something bad because it may lead to a relapse. What I have learned on my journey is that being turned on is not a problem. It is actually a lot of fun. What most guys think is that they need to get rid of that horny feeling.

This is bullshit!

That horny feeling, you need to embrace it, go deeper on it through meditation. Start to enjoy it instead of trying to fight against it. You see when you try to fight against it becomes even stronger. You have to embrace it. Just make sure you are not in a place where you can fap. Turn off your computer and go for a walk or something.

Stop fighting against it, it is natural, love it, embrace it. It is even this extreme that I don’t need sex anymore I’m completely fine with the feeling. And yes those 63 days were on hard mode.

10) Presence

how to stop masturbating

Nofap & meditation will give you a lot of presence you will constantly try to search for the next hit. You will be okay with how you are feeling. You will feel a lot more grounded and present.

There are more benefits but I don’t really know if they are linked to nofap, I will think about it if they are then I will write them in my 80 or 100 day report of nofap. (STAY TUNED)

How do I feel right now?

I actually feel pretty amazing, I was afraid that I would have a flatline for a long time on nofap. Because I have a time when I wasn’t even turned on because of beautiful girl. That now passed and I’m crazy turned. (not at this moment) But that is good I embrace it.

One thing that also changed is that I have stopped fighting against porn addiction. This addiction is not a fight, this is not a struggle. I still get turned on, but I accept that feeling.

What I also have done is cured my core, you see I fapped and watched porn because I felt weak and alone. I cured this, not by going to the gym or meeting more people, although I did both of them this was not the cure.

The cure was digging deep, figuring out was wrong deep inside of me. Once I cured that overcoming porn addiction was easy. And it was not a fight. I think there was one day in all of the 63 days that I had to turn off my computer and go outside. One day, or maybe an hour of struggle.
I will explain how I did this in another article. It will come soon.

What I also feel pretty amazing because my mood swings have stabilized. In the first 40 days I had a lot of ups and downs because my brain was rebooting. But now is kind of stabilized and I feel emotions less extreme.

Is Overcoming Porn Addiction the Magic Pill?

nofap benefits

This will be the last things I will cover, otherwise this article will get too long. But a lot of people think that NOFAP is the magic pill. The cure for all their problems. I will tell you this, it is not the magic pill. It will not change your life, it will not give you the body or happiness you ever dreamed of.


It will give you the fuel and possibility to change your life, it will give you willpower, it will give you all the basics you need to become successful. You just got to do the work and become successful.

Now to answer your questions, is nofap worth it?

Yes it f*cking is. It is the best thing you will ever do. Overcoming Porn addiction it is worth every sacrifice & struggle.

Thank you for reading this far, feel free to ask other questions and give other advice in the comments. If you want to read more about nofap definitely stay tuned because the next months a lot of content about overcoming porn addiction will come online. I have studied a lot about this topic and I will share this with you for free.

Enjoy your day!


Nofap is f*cking amazing start doing it!


Thomas started with personal growth at the age of 17, since then he never stopped. He likes to improve on every level of life but specializes in addiction, confidence, beliefs & thoughts and healing.

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