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Cold showers – 13 Intresting Reasons to take a Cold Shower

It might seem strange to take cold showers in the freezing cold winter, but you would be surprised to know that it gives numerous benefits to our health. Taking a warm luxurious shower seems very relaxing and good in winter but it deprives you of many benefits at the cost of giving you a warm and luxuriously comfortable task. The best way is to start the shower with a warm bath and then take an ICE cold shower. The finishing cold shower will provide you with many long lasting benefits.

If you don’t want to take a bath before you start your cold shower then you can also just jump in the shower. If jumping in a cold shower is to hard to start you can let your body getting used to the cold. How? Very easy you start with a hot shower and then turn the temperature down. This way your body will get used to it. After a day or 2 you can start your real cold showers.

What are the benefits of Cold Showers?

1# –  Pumping blood!

The cold water, when touches your skin, it alarms your body. Under this alarming state of body, the heart starts pumping blood at an enhanced rate in order to meet with the alarmed state of the body. This makes your breathing a bit fast which in turn starts pushing in more oxygen in the body. As a result, your body will become more energetic and active giving you a fine day ahead.

2# – Keep your hair!

It is a known fact that warm water causes dryness. Dryness is not in any way good for skin or the hair. The hairs start falling due to dryness. So why take such risks when you can keep all these things healthy at a cost of just taking a cold shower in the end. The cold shower tightens the pores of the body in this way the chances of these getting clogged reduces. Also the cold water act as a sealant when it moves through the body pores hence preventing the dirt particles in getting stuck in pores.

3# – Never get sick!

Taking Cold showers

When cold water comes in contact with the body, the blood circulation of the body becomes fast. This improves the immunity system of the body since more fresh oxygen is provided to the body organs at the much fast rate. It also helps in reducing the blood pressure. The blocked arteries are also cleared and, as a result, an improved and solid immunity system is achieved. It also increases the amount of white blood cells in our body.

4# – Cold Showers will help you get your sixpack or flat belly!

Taking Cold showers

By taking Cold Showers your brown fats will start to work. It’s function is to generate heat and keep your body warm. When you take a cold shower, brown fat is activated, resulting in an increase in energy and calories burned to keep your body warm. It is been said that it can burn up to 500 calories a day.

5# – Give your muscles a break!

Cold showers can help in increasing the rate of at which muscle soreness is relieved. This acts as a great tip for the athletes and sportsmen as they get muscle sores every day. If your work involves a lot of physical work then don’t take the temporary luxury of relaxing with hot bath instead go for permanent relieve by a cold shower.

6# – Stop stress and depression!

Taking Cold showers

The cold showers are a great source of easing stress and relieving depression.

  • Stress: Studies have shown that taking a cold shower right after your work can make you feel very active and energetic. It also squeezes all the depression out of your body, making you feel normal and happy again. Cold showers will  lower levels of uric acid, and boost levels of Glutathione in your blood wich make you less stressed.
  • Depression: Cold showers stimulate the brains primary source of noradrenaline. A chemical which plays a role in alleviating depression.lus the mild electroshock delivered to the brain by the cold shower sends an massive amount of electrical impulses from peripheral nerve endings to the brain, which could result in an anti-depressive effect.  There is a high density of cold receptors in the skin, much more than there are for registering warmth.

7# – Increase your will power.

By taking cold showers you will get out of your comfort zone. By setting yourself out of your comfort zone each day you will increase your will power. Because you are doing something that you would normally not do you will increase your willpower. You will start the process of coming out of your comfort zone. This will lead to a habbit, and you will experience new things.

8# – WAKE UP!

If you have trouble with waking up then cold showers are something for you. The ice cold water will give you an adrenaline rush and that will make your mind and body alert. And this will wake you up.

9# – Don’t waste time!

taking cold showers

We lose much time by standing under a hot shower. (10-30min) Why? Because it is really hot and comfortable to stand under. By taking a cold shower you will reduce that time to 5 minutes.

10# – Live in the present moment!

When you are standing under the cold shower you have to focus on your breath. By focusing on your breath you will focus on 1 thing. This will bring you in the present moment. You won’t worry and live.

11# – Increases testosterone

Cold showers incease testosterone production in men. This will lead to a boost in libido, strength and energy level. Although during the 19th century people believed cold water to reduce the hormone levels. Today we know that it can increase a person’s libido and increase their energy level and strength. This is essential for men who are going to the gym. Instead of taking drinks and food that boost your testosterone take a cold shower!

12# – Boost your Fertility

Do you want to become a dad? This is another cool reason to tak a cold shower. Cold showers will increase your sperm count and boost your fertility. If you have problems with getting kids try cold showers.

Cool study that has been tested: Taking hot baths has been proven to be an effective male contraception. Men who took a half hour hot bath every other day for 3 weeks were infertile for the next 6 months. A study at USCF showed that men who stopped taking regular hot baths showed a sperm count increase of up to 450%.

13# –  Get a deeper sleep
Cold showers – 13 Intresting Reasons to take a Cold Shower

Hitting the Cold Shower 30 minutes before your sleep can give you a deeper and restful sleep. Make shure you don’t hit it before you go to sleep becauce this can wake you up. Hitting the shower can help you snooze. Taking a hot bath or shower before you hit the bed has long been thought to provide deeper, more restful sleep. New studies with animals show that just the opposite. Cooling the brain results in a deep REM sleep.


Cold Showers are really good for your health. And you should try them.



What was the effect of Cold Showers on your life?


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