- Buddha

What is our goal?

  • To understand

    One of the main goals of our life is to understand. We are curious about the meaning of life, what the goal is, what life is. We try to break our head on those old questions. In this is the meaning, to understand.

  • To learn

    Live is full of new experiences, we try to learn from all of them. That’s why we sometimes try unconventional things.

  • To help others

    We want to share what we have learned on our journey. We want to help others with the things we have learned. You will never find something on this site, that we haven’t tried ourselves.

  • To share our passion

    Personal growth is not only our lifestyle, it is also our passion. And this passion we hope to share with you. Give us the opportunity to share it with you.

  • To transcend

    To evolve as humans to a higher consciousness level and reach ultimate peace.

  • To redesign

    To design our life in way we want to live. To live by our own rules, our own expectations and our own experiences.